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More Steeleye Span Web Sites.

Steeleye Span's Site

The Official Steeleye Span Site.

The Official Peter Knight Web Site.

Peter Knight's own site. If anything new is happening, you will probably read it here first.

Maddy Prior's Official Site

All the information you are looking for on Maddy is here

Park Record's

There's a big selection of Steeleye's albums for sale here.

The History of Steeleye Span

This is the best Steeleye Timeline site by far. Everything you need to know about the group is there.

Reinhard Zierke's Site

A very comprehensive site in Germany.

Richard Hollis's Site

The 'unofficial' Steeleye Span homepage. Excellent site.

Michael Newbery's Site

Another excellent site, this time in New Zealand. Read his history of Steeleye.

Eduardo Mota's Site

For more information on Maddy Prior.

Gay Woods Official Site

A great site for all Gay Woods fans.


Folk Music Related Sites


Recommended Websites

Not necessarily folk related

Scorpio Tales

Short stories with a sting in the tail ..and other diversions. Great short stories from a new writer on the web. Very popular site.

Maddy Prior at Stones Barn

Maddy Prior has an assortment of courses in Stones Barn in North East Cumbria.

This is a largely undiscovered part of England, sometimes believed (by the English)
to be in Scotland. It is in fact the Border Region, which straddles both England and Scotland.

Singing, poetry, songwriting and musical performance are among the coarses offered.

Maddy Priors site Maddy's site.



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