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The Song and the Story fanzine gives detailed background information to some of Steeleye's traditional songs. For example "Cam Ye O'er Frae France" The first couple of lines read:- "A song from around 1715 at the time of the Jacobite rebellion in support of James Francis Edward Stuart, son of the exiled James II. Jacob is the Latin form of James." It goes on to explain what "Geordie Whelps" and Kittle Housie" mean. There are 15 songs mentioned in the book. It is well illustrated in black and white by Audrey Sanderson, with notes by David Tomlinson. Record Collector said about The Song and the Story:- "A fine concept , very finely realised"


DateSpan is a comprehensive fanzine featuring a timeline, TV, Radio and Video appearance data, music & newspaper article dates, and all their tour dates & venues. It is illustrated and as comments throughout. Conceived by David Tomlinson & illustrated by Audrey Sanderson.

If you need more information please e-mail D.Tomlinson. If you would like to buy them, they are priced at only 7.00 each including postage & packing. Please send a cheque payable to D.A.Tomlinson to:-

Mr D. A. Tomlinson
59 Saltscar,
TS10 2PH

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