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Steeleye Span began life in late 1969, formed by ex-Fairport Convention bassist Ashley 'Tyger' Hutchings. They were the most successful British folk/rock band ever and were instrumental in using traditional material with rock arrangements to great effect.To read about their most successful years check out 'Steeleye Book'. In 'Reviews' you will find press articles on concerts and albums . 'Press cuttings' contains articles about the group from the music press. 'Discography' is the place to find info on their recording history. Look in 'Pictures' for lots of images of the group dating back to the their roots. Check out 'Links' for other great Steeleye sites and other info. For the latest info on the group click on 'News'. Last but not least go to 'Fanzines' for some great mags about the band.

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